All-4-Kids Fall + Winter 2019

Zoe Life Ministries

08/18/2019 - 08/26/2019

Lehigh Shopping Center
2148 W. Union Blvd (NEXT to MARSHALLS)


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Consignment Sale Files

The following file(s) have been provided for this consignment sale by Zoe Life Ministries.

Consignment Sale File Description
Volunteer Perks + Payouts (CHART ONLY)
VOLUNTEERPERKSandPAYOUTChart.docx (180973 bytes)
This chart makes it easy to see how you can earn more than 60% when consigning + volunteering. (Chart does not apply to Busy Bee Consignors. Busy Bee Consignors should look at the other file marked Perks + Payout info for consignors + volunteers)
Vendor + Sponsor Info and Application - updated Jan. 2019
A4KVendorandSponsorInfonApp.docx (48944 bytes)

If you, or someone you know, is interested in advertising their business, or displaying their crafts or products at our event, please read + complete this form. Receipt sponsorship is also available, where your flyer is printed on the back of our receipts and handed to each customer on their way out of our event.

At this time, we don't allow any flyers or advertising beyond what is listed on this form, and all space is reserved 1st come 1st serve, even if you have advertised with us previously. We welcome new vendors at each event, and only ask that you are offering a product or service that is family friendly, which does not conflict with our mission as a non-profit.

Volunteer Perks + Payouts (Detailed Info. Sheet)
VolunteerPerksandPayoutDetails2019.docx (222108 bytes)
Detailed info (2 pages) explaining the benefits of volunteering and consigning (both when items are self-tagged by consignor, and also for consignors who use our Busy Bee service)
Busy Bee Addendum
BusyBeeAddendum-updatedJan2019.docx (57354 bytes)
Consignors using our Busy Bee service must initial + sign this addendum (in addition to the regular Seller Agreement) when participating in one of our All-4-Kids Sales.
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