Once you experience FlashConsign, there's no going back.

FlashConsign.com is a unique set of online tools that make it easy to plan and host a consignment sale.

From the beginning, we took great care to design our tools to be intuitive, fast, and simple.

But we are way more than just barcodes and scanners. Take a look below to learn more about what we have to offer.

Consignee / Host Consignor / Seller
Manage Jobs

Create, fill and track jobs that are to be worked at your consignment sale.

Easily view which jobs have workers, which don't, and communicate with workers either individually or as a group.


Our reporting functionality will provide you with insight into your consignment sale that you never thought was possible.

For example, you can know how many consignors were present, how much they sold and then compare between new and returning consignors.

Multiple Modes

Our POS Mode will take your consignment sale to a whole new level, allowing you to have fewer checkout stations while reducing wait times. Each station requires a scanner and a computer and replaces two or more traditional stations that use a calculator.

Or, you can choose to use just one or two barcode scanners after customers have completed their purchases to make the post-sale activities easier.

Item Flagging

Create a set of custom flags that cashiers can apply to items at checkout.

This is a popular feature if you would like to flag items that don't meet your sale's quality or other standards.

Restrict Item Categories

Pick categories of items that are allowed at your consignment sale. Only these categories are printed by sellers by default.

Electronic Tags

Enter your items using an easy online interface.

Print (or re-print) right from your computer.

Manage Inventory

Easily list and filter your entire inventory of items.

See which items you have for sale, which have sold, and which have already been printed.

Real Time Results

View up-to-the-minute information regarding which items have been sold, even before the consignment sale has ended.

Automatic Compliance

Item prices are automatically modified when printed to comply with minimum price and/or price increment restrictions for the consignment sale.

Work a Sale

Quickly and easily find open jobs and sign up online.

Opt-In to Discounts

If a consignment sale allows discounts on certain day(s), you can opt in on an item-by-item basis.

Opt-In to Donate

Many consignment sales allow you to donate unsold items at the end of the sale.

We make it easy to select individual items you would like to donate if not sold.

Want to see more?

Reading a set of features is great, but understanding how they fit together for your consignment sale is even better.

Please check out the consignment sale life cycle for a much better idea of how FlashConsign works.

Or, you can get started now and let FlashConsign transform how you run your consignment sales.