Frequent questions asked by our users

We make it simple to make the move to our online consignment sale management system, or to move from a different system.

But, of course, we understand you may have a few questions.

That's why we've compiled the following list of common questions that many of our user have.

Don't see an answer to your question? Please don't hesitate to send us a message and we will be happy to respond with a prompt, personal reply.

If you already have a member account, log in using the form at the top of this window. Then, select My Consignment Sales on the left, and then the Join a Sale button.

If you are new to FlashConsign.com, getting started is easy. Just proceed to the Signup Page to create your free member account. When you're done, follow the instructions above.

We strive to make our tools as simple and as intuitive as possible. But, if the need arises, help is just a click away.

Comprehensive help resources are available online. These resources can usually guide you step-by-step through whatever tasks you wish to perform.

If you can't find the help you need, you can always use the Contact Us link located on every page at FlashConsign.com. We pride ourselves with providing prompt, personal responses, not a canned response that didn't even answer your question.

It may be a lot less to get started than you might think.

The most important tools you will need are one or more computers, and a barcode scanner for each one.

Many people are able to find laptop computers that are quite inexpensive through channels such as Craigslist.

In addition, most any barcode scanner will work and can be purchased for around $150 each.

Plus, in order to help you get started and to introduce you to our service, we are proud to offer you to host your first consignment sale with us at Half Price.

Almost every barcode scanner will work. The following are the only requirements:

  • Decode CODE128 barcodes
  • Automatically include a carriage return (enter) character with each scan

Most people use a USB barcode scanner. This type of scanner plugs into most computers and is automatically recognized by Microsoft Windows. Setup is usually easy and involves scanning a couple of barcodes from the scanner's manual in order to configure it to append a carriage return (enter) after each scan.

Almost any computer running any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) will work.

And, since our server hosts all the software, even most older computers work just fine.

A barcode scanner is not required, but is definitely preferred.

Our tools make it as simple as possible to enter items for each purchase without a barcode scanner, but a scanner increases this speed exponentially.

The number of Point of Sale (POS) stations you will need depends on how many customers you expect at your sale.

In general, a single POS station (computer with a barcode scanner) can replace at least two or three traditional "cashier stations" (person with a calculator).

This means that if you have had four cashiers in past consignment sales, you should expect to only need two POS stations with FlashConsign.com.

No, an Internet connection is not required in order to use FlashConsign.

A connection to the Internet is required as you set up each computer that will be used and when your sale is over, but when you actually run your consignment sale, no Internet connection is required.

Once your consignors have joined your consignment sale, that can use our simple form to add items they want to sell.

Each item is associated with their account and can easily be viewed and printed, using the tag style you select for your consignment sale.

Our tools provide easy and intuitive filtering capabilities to let your consignors quickly find the items they want to see, and tags are generated as PDF files that can be printed right away or saved to be printed later.

In addition, each item knows if it has been printed, so it is easy to tell which ones still need to be printed. Of course, this "printed flag" can also be easy changed by the consignor.

Absolutely! You can easily control the level of review you require for consignors to join your consignment sale.

You can automatically approve all consignors, you can require manual review for all consignors, or you can automatically approve returning consignors and require manual review for all new consignors.

In addition, you can also set a maximum number of consignors you wish to allow to join your sale.

You can set a minimum price for any item sold at your consignment sale as well as a price increment.

For example, if you specify a minimum price of $2.00 and a price increment of $0.25, and if a consignor prices an item at $1.25, this price will be automatically modified to the minimum price of $2.00 when the tag is printed.

Our tools provide an easy-to-use interface for creating jobs to be worked at your sale and for tracking who is assigned to those jobs.

Workers do not need to also be selling items at your consignment sale.

You can easily track jobs that still do not have an assigned worker, and send individual email communications to a worker, or a broadcase email to all workers.

You can even create Job Categories that apply across all of your consignment sales, making it easy to capture helpful information about a particular job over time and trivial to set up your next sale.

We pride ourselves on providing the most state-of-the-art, easy to use online consignment sale management system available.

While our competitors may be very good at the basic management and reporting that you require, we go well beyond that.

We have carefully designed and built our tools with a single goal in mind: To make your job easier.

To some, this means having an interface that you don't need to learn to use. To others, this means having in-depth features that are not available anywhere else.

For example, wouldn't it be nice if you could easily and automatically identify items being sold at your consignment sale that are in poor condition, not the correct type of item, or in a particular category?

And, wouldn't it be nice to view a report of all of these flagged items, associated to their respective consignor/seller?

This is just one example of features that you will come to love and, once you see how they work, will not be able to do without.