Consignment Sale POS Systems

Adding a POS system for your consignment sale can make a world of difference, before, during and after your sale.

There are many different aspects to consider, and believe it or not, the most value you will realize from a POS system is not during the actual sale. The time saved by having all data electronically available will be immense, and the statistics and other information collected can be critical in improving your future consignment sales. And, this is not to even mention the effort saved reporting results back to your consignors.

Before Your Consignment Sale

It takes a lot of work for you and your consignors/sellers to prepare for your consignment sale.

Your POS system should provide easy, fast online tools to make this work go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

  • The online portion of the system should make it easy for you to set up and configure all aspects of your consignment sale. What date(s) are included? What are the hours? Are discount(s) offered during certain days or hours on specific days?
  • The system should allow your consignors/sellers to apply to join the sale. Can you configure the system to require approval of consignors? Can you auto-approve all consignors? How about requiring approval for all new consignors, but auto-approval (and auto-assignment of previous seller ID(s)) for all returning consignors?
  • Those who will be working at the consignment sale should be able to easily and quickly find and sign up for job(s). Can these workers sign up to work without signing up to be a seller?
  • The general public should also be able to find information about your sale. Can you not only provide information but also files for download that are specifically for the public to download?
  • You should be able to easily contact consignors and/or workers for your consignment sale via email.

During Your Sale: Choosing a Consignment Sale POS System

A Point of Sale (POS) system can be a significant improvement to your consignment sale, but it can also cause endless headaches if you choose the wrong system.

Not all POS systems are alike, and choosing the right one can have a positive impact on your sale. Choosing the wrong POS system can impact your sale just as much in a negative way.

As you consider which POS system to use, consider the following with regard to the actual checkout process using the POS system:

  • Are you migrating away from hand-written tags to printed, scannable tags? Be sure your POS system is capable of easily (and quickly!) handling a mix of scannable and hand-written tags.
  • Will you have a mix of tags from other consignment sales? Be certain that the POS system can scan other tags when possible and is still fast when tags need to be entered manually.
  • Can the POS system assign multiple seller IDs to the same consignor? Many consignors want to use one set of tags for multiple consignment sales, and many times have a mix of your tags and tags from a different sale. Your POS system should be able to associate all of these varied tags to the one seller. The ability will be greatly appreciated by your sellers and will help you retain them over time.
  • Does the POS system allow for select items to be discounted during a certain window of your consignment sale? Is it a trivial task (or automatic) to enable this discount on the day of your sale?
  • Will the POS system provide audible feedback while it is being used? This can be more important than you think! Audible feedback lets the cashier focus on scanning items as quickly as possible, only looking at the screen when something needs attention.
  • Can a cashier manually change the price of an item? Although this is a rare occurance, this need will come up, and the POS system should allow the price change and log a reason for price change and the cashier who made the price change.
  • Is the Cashier tracked on each transaction? You hope you never need this information, but you will want to track transactions back to a specific cashier if something doesn't add up correctly.
  • Are there multiple ways to enter items into the POS system? Are they all fast? Consider what happens if your sale is held on a rainy day and the barcodes on many of your tags are ruined by the rain. Will your cashiers be able to keep up with demand if they have to manually enter the items, and are there multiple ways to enter the items in case something is unreadable? As soon as you think this won't happen to you, it will. Be prepared by choosing the right POS system, and even this type of situation will not slow you down too much.
  • Can you apply flags to items at checkout? Does the POS system allow you to flag stained, broken or otherwise noncompliant items that are being sold by your sellers? Maintaining standards for items sold can be a vital part of maintaining your consignment sale over time, and your POS system should help you with this, and make it seamless.
  • Does the POS system require an Internet connection? If an Internet connection is required, this should be a big red flag. You will have plenty to worry about during your consignment sale, don't let a failing Internet connection be one of them.
  • Is a barcode scanner required for fast checkout? Sure, barcodes and scanners are great, and they make checkout very fast. But what happens if one breaks or doesn't work for some reason? Does the POS system let you continue without losing too much speed? Or, will you be stuck typing 15+ digits for each and every item you are entering manually, all while the checkout line is growing by the minute?

After Your Consignment Sale

Make no mistake, the sooner you can provide sales feedback to your consignors, the happier they will be.

Your POS system should make this information available to your consignors, even partial information, as quickly as possible.

In addition, you will want to consider some of the following:

  • Does the system allow you to specify a custom percentage kept from the sales of select consignors while applying a default percentage for the rest?
  • What type of statistics are available which will let you make critical decisions for future consignment sales?
  • How does the system help you for reporting results to your consignors?
  • Does the system require a lot of confusing steps for your consignors in order to prepare unsold items for your next sale?

FlashConsign POS System

The FlashConsign POS system was built from the ground up to use the latest technology to provide you with the most features, accessible in the easiest, most intuitive way possible.

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FlashConsign provides all of the features discussed above. In addition, there are many, many other features that are intentionally not mentioned in the public areas of our website, specifically because they are unique, and they are significant, and we want to remain the only service to provide them.

Have any questions? Prefer to find out more over the phone?

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