Advertising a Consignment Sale

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of a successful consignment sale is ensuring that you have people attending your sale, buying what you are selling, and that there are a lot of them.

Because this is such a critical factor for the success of your consignment sale, it is important to have a comprehensive plan for advertising your sale in order to attract as many buyers as possible.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Getting the word out about your upcoming consignment sale can be a simple, effective and FREE method of advertising.

Make sure that everyone in your organization is talking with as many people as possible. You can't start too early.

This type of activity will get people excited for the sale and will keep it fresh in the minds of those in your organization.

You may consider sending out reminder emails periodically to encourage this type of promotion of your consignment sale.

Print Advertising

You may consider purchasing advertising in your local newspaper(s) a day or two before your sale.

If you are a nonprofit organization, you may be able to negotiate reduced fees, or even free ad placement in exchange for mention of this donation at your sale.

Don't limit yourself to just newspapers, either. There may also be some other local publications to consider, and these may be more targeted and less expensive too.

Online Advertising

The garage sale section of Craigslist is another great, free method of advertising your consignment sale.

You may also look for some more local websites that advertise this type of event.

Social Networking

A day or two before your consignment sale, encourage all members in your organization to promote the sale via their social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

And, don't stop there. Mobile devices will let updates go out to these social networks while you are running the sale. A great reminder to those who may have planned on attending but simply forgot.

Road Signs

Nice, large, concise road signs can also draw a significant amount of traffic to your consignment sale.

Invest a little bit into creating some large, easy to read signs with clear arrows indicating the direction of your sale.

Billboards / Bus Stops

While they may be cost-prohibitive, you may be able to negotiate the use of a billboard or advertising at local bus stops, either on the bench or the shelter.

Don't dismiss this right away because of the possible cost. You never know what you can work out if you get on the phone with the right person who can cut you a deal.